Welcome to Eat the Vegan Rainbow, a joyful journey to happy taste buds!

My name is Milka and I’ve been a scientist all my life. I spent first three decades of my life doing chemical and biological research, and my fourth decade publishing science I find exceptionally exciting. Recently my husband and I made a decision to focus our diet on fruits and vegetables, and in the process I rediscovered my love for experimentation and cooking. I am combining these two passions to develop recipes that fit my budget and my busy schedule, and make my taste buds happy.

It is also my goal to show you that going vegan and plant-based is not as scary as it sounds, and that minor adjustments to your every day cooking can have profound results on your approach to meal making and well-being. I hope you come along and join me as I explore the vegan rainbow, and share how to get the most of your flavors with the least amount of added fat, salt and sugar. Who knows, it might come with the pot of gold at the end!

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